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Main Lobby
Bird Road
11501 SW 40th Street  |  Miami, FL 33165  |  305-642-5366

The Bird Road Center, established in October 2003 on Bird Road and SW 115th Avenue, was built with the same comfort, amplitude, and luxury as its predecessors, Miami, Westchester, and East Hialeah Centers. Looking more like a hotel lobby than a medical facility, the Bird Road Center is the embodiment of the vision and dedication of Leon Medical Centers’ Founder and President Benjamín León, Jr. whose goal is to offer medical care that surpasses that of the current healthcare system serving Medicare recipients.

The Bird Road Center boasts 50,000 square feet of space and houses the company’s corporate headquarters. Characteristically, the Bird Road Center integrates the most advanced medical technology with the traditional personal care, compassion, and humanity that have long been vital components to overall health and wellbeing.
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