Disease Management

Our geriatric and Medicare patients have access to medical care management programs that promote quality health care such as Case Management, in which professionals facilitate improved health outcomes for patients through the continuity and coordination of their healthcare needs, and Disease Management, in which patients with chronic diseases are provided with coaching and support on general health care.

Disease Management: helping you manage your health.

Leon Medical Centers initiated a Disease Management Program to help improve the quality of life of its chronically ill patients. Our goal is disease prevention, and reduction of the effects of these illnesses through comprehensive and integrated care.

This program helps patients with illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or heart disease and provides access to resources and education to help them live with and manage their illness.

How can Leon Medical Centers’ Disease Management Program help you?

If you have a chronic illness, or multiple illnesses for which you take more than one medication, you can benefit from this program. We work with your physician and the specialists charged with your care to offer a holistic approach to your healthcare. The program integrates your care and alerts you to the tests and procedures you need to stay healthy, reducing the risk of complications from your illness and disease prevention.