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Jeanette Enrizo-Navarro Jeanette Enrizo-Navarro joined Leon Medical Centers in 2010 as an ancillary Center Administrator responsible for covering day-to-day operations at multiple facilities.

Her strong leadership and dedication to patients led her to become the Flagler Center’s Center Administrator where she supervises clerical and clinical staff of 160 employees and shares in the company’s mission to improve quality of life for the Medicare patients it serves.

Prior to joining Leon Medical Centers Jeanette was director of human resources at the City of South Miami where she was responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the city’s human resources division to ensure employee safety and performance.

Jeanette earned her Master’s Degree in management in 2007 and her Bachelor’s Degree in human resource management from Saint Thomas University.
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7950 NW 2nd Street  |  Miami, FL 33126  |  305-642-5366

At the intersection of 79th Avenue and 1st Street near Mall of the Americas, sits the new Flagler Center, which opened October 2009. Atop more than 5 acres, the 87,670 square foot building serves over 7,000 Medicare members in a magnificent four-story building.

With themes such as “Peace and Tranquility” and “Harmony” distinguishing each floor, the design adds to the atmosphere of respect and compassion already present at each Leon Medical Centers’ Super Medical Centers.
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