Lobby Representatives

From white glove porters to lobby representatives – What to expect when you arrive:

At Leon Medical Centers our Lobby Representatives are the embodiment of the kindness, compassion and caring that we have become known for and that our patients have grown to expect. Each of these employees offers a special human touch to the healthcare provided at Leon Medical Centers, adding to the level of comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

Each of our Lobby Representatives is equipped with a radio headset, which allows them to communicate with one another about the patients at the centers without having to raise their voices. This creates a peaceful atmosphere and a positive environment in which the patient can feel at ease while he or she waits for an appointment.

Working as a team, our Lobby Representatives, ensure that the patient reaches their destination, be it a physician appointment, therapy session, or laboratory service. Each day our Lobby Representatives help with any need or desire the patient may have. Each is a great asset and together are our greatest facilitators in helping us improve the quality of life for each of our patients.