Electronic Medical Recording and Technology

At Leon Medical Centers we are committed to safeguarding our patients’ health. To ensure that each of our patients receives the attention they deserve with the accuracy that they expect, we employ the latest advances in medical equipment and life-saving technology such as CT scanners in every center, digital x-rays, ultrasound and Electronic Medical Records.

Our patients’ well-being is our greatest concern. We team with industry leaders to create an infrastructure that protects patient information, increases efficiency and streamlines workflow to ensure that our doctors have our patients’ medical history readily available and at their fingertips at all times.

Electronic Medical Records

Our doctors are instantly connected to a patient’s consolidated medical history through an Electronic Medical Records system (or EMR) that allows them to view important medical information, such as lab results, CT scans, and digital x-rays. It also permits them to send prescriptions directly to the Pharmacy, not only saving a patient time, but also guaranteeing accurate diagnosis and treatment.

This Electronic Medical Records access also helps doctors see the complete picture of a patient’s care regimen including all medication therapies, allowing the physician to make a better informed decision about what additional medicines to prescribe if any are needed. Leon Medical Centers takes all the steps necessary to help our Medicare patients stay healthy and improve the quality of their lives. We are proud to serve our patients using the latest technologies paired with the traditional values we have built our reputation on.