A key ingredient to quality healthcare and improved wellbeing is access to care. That is why at Leon Medical Centers we have an organized transportation system to help patients receive the regular checkups and preventive care that will help keep them healthy.

At Leon Medical Centers we have a sizeable fleet of more than 200 buses that provide round-trip non-emergency transport to patients to any LMC service provider, including our Centers, as well as off-site healthcare providers. Additionally, each bus is outfitted for emergency situations with safety equipment and first aid kits. The buses offer standing room, so patients do not have to crouch over to enter or exit the buses. Televisions and wide seating allow patients to feel as comfortable as possible during their trip.

Two-way radiophones keep drivers in constant communication with each other, the Center’s transportation department, the Leon Medical Centers’ Welcome Centers at hospitals, and more importantly, our patients. Contact with the Welcome Center alerts employees that a patient is arriving via the non-emergency transport at the hospital for a test or procedure and also allows the Welcome Center employee to request non-emergency transport when a patient is leaving the hospital so that the patient receives attention and guidance at all times.

Drivers keep the same route and a patient can expect to be phoned by their personal driver prior to arrival. When the driver reaches a patient’s home, they take them from their door to the bus, helping them each step of the way. This extra effort adds to a patient’s level of security in Leon Medical Centers and our staff.

The forethought and prudence with which Leon Medical Centers has developed its free and unlimited non-emergency transportation services affords patients with much needed access to care providing the best possible attention and the care necessary to keep them healthy.