Our Hospital Service Centers


The first of its kind in the industry, Leon Medical Centers’ Hospital Service Centers are located at prestigious South Florida hospitals to orient you if and when you need to go to the hospital for a test or procedure. Our very own employees will take you in hand and guide you through your entire visit. And, if you should ever have to stay in the overnight, our Hospital Service Centers’ representative will be your ambassador throughout your stay.

Our very own Hospital Service Centers in Hialeah Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Kendall Regional Medical Center, Palmetto General Hospital and Mount Sinai provide comfort, guidance, and peace of mind to all our patients attending the hospitals for any exam or procedure.

Our own employees will take you where you need to go, and escort you back to the Hospital Service Center at the end of your visit ensuring your visit was successful.

Mercy Hospital   Mercy Hospital

On May 27th, 1999, the first Leon Medical Centers Hospital Service Center was opened in the lobby of Mercy Hospital to better serve our patients by providing them with continued attention and service.

Our Mercy Hospital Service Center provides patients with a friendly and familiar environment to help them feel more at home, even while they are away from our Centers.

Hialeah Hospital

Our Hialeah Hospital Service Center opened in 2002 offering added convenience and comfort for our patients in Hialeah.

With well-appointed seating and design, the Hialeah Hospital Service Center offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that is available to all of our patients who have to attend Hialeah Hospital for surgery, tests, or other medical procedures.
  Hialeah Hospital

Kendall Regional Hospital   Kendall Regional Hospital

At the end of 2004, Leon Medical Centers opened its third Hospital Service Center in the lobby of Kendall Regional Medical Center to assist our patients and offer guidance during a their visit to the hospital.

Located blocks from Leon Medical Centers’ Bird Road Center, the Hospital Service Center at Kendall Regional offers patients the uninterrupted attention they deserve and expect.

Palmetto Hospital

Leon Medical Centers’ Hospital Service Center is at Palmetto Hospital in West Hialeah near the West Hialeah Center.
  Palmetto Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital   Mount Sinai Hospital

The latest addition to the Leon Hospital Service Centers is housed at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Both Leon Medical Centers and Mount Sinai share a reputation of medical excellence while maintaining a strong presence in Miami Dade County throughout the years.