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Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

You’re a person, not a number, and you should get “personal attention at all times.” That’s our commitment to you in every area, including our pharmacy services. Skip the chain pharmacies that treat you like a number. Fill your prescriptions at Leon Medical Centers where you’re treated like family.

Easy and Fast Prescriptions

Your wait time is minimal at Leon. There’s an on-site pharmacy at each of our centers. Your doctor can send a prescription to the pharmacy electronically during your appointment. Because the pharmacy is right here, you can usually pick up your medicine right away while you’re still at Leon. It’s part of our goal to help you get your prescriptions quickly and easily.

Our Refill Center Makes Free Home Deliveries

Maybe you don’t have time or you’re not feeling well enough to pick up your prescription. Whatever the reason, our refill center offers free home delivery. We have 42 pharmacy drivers who can bring medicine right to your door if you’d like. Most of the time, we do same-day deliveries. In some cases, such as in an emergency, it’s possible for you to get your medicine after 6 p.m.

We’ll follow up with you to make sure you have your refills on time. One of our friendly pharmacists will call you when it’s time to renew them again. You can also use our free online portal, My Leon Medi Connect, to ask for refills.

Of course, you can always pick up your prescriptions, too. Let us know if you need a ride; we’ll be glad to drive you.

Looking Out for You

When you fill a prescription at Leon Medical Centers, our pharmacists can see your medical history. That lets them see what you’re allergic to and what other medicines you take to help you avoid any bad reactions or drug interactions. Leon doctors, pharmacists and other staff use the same electronic health record so they all have your latest information. This lowers the risk of mistakes and helps keep you safe.

Since our pharmacists and doctors are all under one roof, it’s easier for them to communicate with each other about what you need. That means you get fast, accurate prescriptions.

24/7 Customer Service and On-Call Pharmacists

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with our pharmacy technicians. You can call customer service and they’ll connect you to the right person. Our large team of 30 pharmacy technicians is ready to take care of you over the phone.

Save Money at Leon

Why spend more than you have to for prescriptions? You can save money at Leon pharmacies. Our patient’s assistance program can provide vouchers from many drug manufacturers that lower the price. You can also get more than 30 over-the-counter medicines for free.

If you’re not able to make a copayment, we’ll help you apply for the right foundation assistance to save money and even help obtain samples. Our pharmacy technicians know where to look for help. They’ll even help you fill out the applications for foundation assistance and send them in. That’s what it’s like to be part of the Leon family.

Pharmacy + (Pharmacy Plus)

In addition to our full service pharmacy system, Leon offers Pharmacy + (Pharmacy Plus), programs led by our pharmacists to educate and monitor drugs for:

  • Pulmonary problems (COPD) – Inhalers are developed for individual patient needs.
  • Anticoagulants blood levels are monitored to ensure that our patients receive the right doses, to maintain the appropriate levels of coagulation in the blood.