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LMC Health Plan optionsLMC Health Plan optionsLMC Health Plan options
HIMSS Stage 7 AwardHIMSS Stage 7 AwardHIMSS Stage 7 Award
Dr. TelemedicineDr. TelemedicineDr. Telemedicine
Cleaning CenterCleaning CenterCleaning Center
COVID-19 Test machineCOVID-19 Test machineCOVID-19 Test machine
Dr. and PatientDr. and PatientDr. and Patient
Safety at centerSafety at centerSafety at center
CT scan technicianCT scan technicianCT scan technician
Therapy at CenterTherapy at CenterTherapy at Center
Bus cleaningBus cleaningBus cleaning
MRI suiteMRI suiteMRI suite
Therapist at homeTherapist at homeTherapist at home

Discover the best kept secrets of Leon Medical Centers.

Proven Leaders and innovators in Medical Excellence and Personal Attention for over 25 years!

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

At this time Leon Medical Centers has no available appointments for non-patients, who wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Upon availability, we will re-open registration for the community at large, so non-patients can schedule their appointments to receive the vaccine.

Please follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information.

If you are a patient of Leon and have not been vaccinated, please call us immediately so we can schedule your appointment.

Unparalleled Care, Worry-Free for Medicare Recipients

Why Choose LEON as a Medicare Advantage provider

More Experience ... There is only ONE LEON

Over 50 years of experience serving the Miami Dade county Medicare community.

Medical Excellence

Over 2,300 Primary doctors and Specialists coordinate your healthcare, supported by clinical personnel, thru state-of-the art technology to improve your life.

Unique Personal Care

You are treated with respect and compassion, always placing your healthcare first.

Testimonial from LEON members

“Leon Medical Centers and their employees mean the world to me. I have placed my health in the hands of professionals who look out for me on a daily basis. Thanks to them I am an active and healthier person. Thank you Leon.”

– Dulce