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You may only need a yearly exam to help prevent problems or catch them early. Or perhaps you’re seeking more specialized care such as imaging or surgery. Whatever gynecology help you need, we’ll make sure you find it at Leon.

Part of our mission of “personal attention at all times” is to give you choices, so you’re in control of your health. You can choose to see either a female or a male gynecologist for your healthcare needs at Leon Medical Centers. All of our ladies receive compassionate care from every gynecologist.

If you need help getting to Leon, you can use our free transportation system. We’ll pick you up and take you home in our comfortable buses.

No Referrals Necessary and Fast Appointment Scheduling

Your health matters the most, so we make it easy to see a doctor when you need one. You don’t need a referral to see a gynecologist or one of our contracted specialist at Leon Medical Centers. Unlike other healthcare providers, we don’t make you wait for weeks to get an appointment. You can usually see a gynecologist within 24 hours at Leon. If you have an emergency, we can see you the same day.

Comfortable Care

Our gynecologist’s offices are designed to be more comfortable for older patients. We have automated examination tables, so it’s easier for you to get up and down from them. All of our tools are also designed to be safe and comfortable.

Call and Talk to a Gynecologist

If you have a question and would rather talk on the phone than make an appointment, we can help. You can call our customer service number, and our bilingual staff will connect you with a gynecologist. If a doctor isn’t able to talk at that time, we promise that a gynecologist will call you back within 24 hours.

Treatment for All Gynecological Conditions

We treat all gynecological problems at Leon Medical Centers and let you choose from surgical and nonsurgical treatments. We’ll explain all of your choices and help you pick the best one. In some cases, we may be able to offer financial help to cover the cost of treatments.

Some of the most common conditions we treat are:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal itching
  • Yeast infections
  • Prolapse (when one of your internal organs, such as the uterus, falls out of normal position)

One of the Only Places to Get a Pessary for Prolapse

We’re one of the only healthcare providers to offer the pessary as a treatment option for prolapse. The pessary is a flexible, soft device that’s inserted in your vagina. It’s safe and doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia.

Fast Imaging and Results

If you need imaging, you can have it done at Leon without leaving our centers. You can usually get imaging done within 24 to 48 hours after seeing a gynecologist. Your results may be ready within a couple of hours.

Your imaging choices include:

  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital X-rays

One Place for Care

At Leon Medical Centers, you can expect a seamless experience during your care.

Our gynecology department, urgent care centers and other departments share the same electronic health record. This helps our team work better together on your plan of care. It’s also accessible if you need care while traveling to another city, state or country.

Related Departments, Programs and Services

You deserve the highest level of care. That’s why we work with a number of Leon Medical Centers’ departments, programs and medical services. These include: