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Sometimes it’s hard to make it to your appointment at Leon Medical Centers. Keeping your appointments is easy when you use our free transportation. We’re at your service.

A Larger Fleet of Buses to Serve You Better

You never have to wait long at Leon Medical Centers. Our fleet of over 250 buses at Leon is the among the largest healthcare providers in the area. Having a larger fleet means we can pick you up faster and take you home right after your non-emergency appointments.

Advanced Transportation Technology

You’ll be surrounded by some of the most advanced transportation equipment that’s available. Each of our buses is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and a digital tablet, so we can track all their movements around the communities.

Leon Medical Centers buses are custom designed to be more comfortable than typical buses. Sometimes it can be hard to get in and out of a typical bus. We’ve made sure ours have plenty of standing room, so you don’t have to bend down to get in or out of them, and can relax in the extra-wide seats.

Personal Drivers

It’s nice to see a familiar face when you get on a bus. Most of our drivers have the same routes consistently, so that they can get to know you better. It helps to feel you have a personal driver who cares about you.

First, you can decide to receive a confirmation call, text message or email the day before your appointment letting you know when your driver will pick you up. The day of your appointment our drivers will call you before they arrive, so you have time to get ready. You will be picked up at your home and driven you to your scheduled appointment (whether at one of our centers, at the hospital for non-emergency care, or at the offices of one of our contracted specialists). After your appointment, we can be available to drive you back home.

If you choose, our drivers can assist you to get on and off the bus. We treat all of our passengers like the gentlemen and ladies that they are.

We’ll Coordinate Everything for You

Just call us before your appointment and let us know if you need transportation to your scheduled appointment. Leon’s dispatch center helps coordinate all pick-ups and drop-offs so you’ll never be left behind. One phone call from you is all it takes to enjoy comfortable, free transportation on a on a Leon Medical Centers bus.