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Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

The risk of falling increases with age, and it can lead to serious injuries. The staff at Leon Medical Centers can help you lower your chances of falling.

Our care management, DME and home health personnel make the Fall Prevention Program unique in the Miami area. During home visits, our highly trained staff looks for potential hazards and recommends ways to minimize your risk of falling in your home. Our visiting nurses, physical therapists, social workers, patient care technicians and other caregivers also do their best to keep your environment safe. In addition to this, we offer a Healthy Living Centerphysical therapy, and Fall Prevention Programs.

Home Safety Assessment

It all begins with a safety assessment of your home. We can suggest how to:

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Make clear pathways
  • Make the lighting better, so it’s easier to see

Then, you’ll learn how to lower the chances of falling. Depending on the services ordered by your physician, we will:

  • Train you on how to safely use new medical equipment
  • Show you how to move safely around your home
  • Work on your strength and balance
  • Teach you how to stand up and sit down safely
  • Teach you useful exercises

Our goal is to help you live comfortably at home as long as possible. We’re here to support you and your caregivers.