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Why Partner with Leon Medical Centers?

The Leon family has over 50 years of experience in Medicare, and was awarded the first State of Florida HMO license (HMO-73-1) in 1973, making them true pioneers in the HMO movement in Florida.

Benjamin León Jr. later established Leon Medical Centers, Inc. (LMC) in 1996, with the mission of honoring the León family’s tradition of improving the quality of life of Medicare beneficiaries and the elderly. Leon Medical Centers was poised to provide unparalleled medical care, compassion, and offer patients a home away from home.

Under Mr. León Jr.’s leadership, LMC has grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious healthcare institutions in Florida. A model for institutions locally, as well as nationally, LMC is allied with Miami-Dade’s most prominent hospitals, and employs and contracts with top performing physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals.

This results in the finest healthcare delivery system in the county, backed by long-standing healthcare entities.

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Message from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rafael Más

An Innovative Affiliation

Leon Medical Centers Affiliated Primary Care Provider and Specialty Group is a unique opportunity for you to partner with one of the strongest Medicare providers in Florida. Over the years, Leon has partnered with many physicians in various ways.  Each case is examined individually and focuses on the physician’s needs for his or her practice.  Leon offers options that are customized to the respective practice in an innovative manner, assuring stability, profitability and a successful balance for the physicians professional and personal lives.

Leon Medical Centers is expanding its network to allow select primary care providers and specialist to join the Leon family, while maintaining their vocation to practice.  There are different collaborations to contemplate: Exclusive, Non-Exclusive or Buyout.  Each and everyone of the programs thrives on providing extraordinary healthcare with a focus on patients and their caregivers.

We invite you to schedule a personal meeting to learn more about the Affiliated Primary Care Provider and Specialty Group partnership opportunities available at Leon Medical Centers.  Please call the office of Dr.Rafael Mas at 305-646-3771 to obtain more information about the options available for you and your practice.

Remarks from Our Doctors

Dr. Mary J. Villar
Medical Oncology

Dr. George R. Pizarro
Primary Care Physician/Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Wilfredo Perez Amaya
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Lionel I. Noy
Medical Oncology

Dr. Jose L. Ferrer

“The transition from private practice has been seamless. I continued to practice medicine the way I always have with the addition of all the support you would expect from working with a company such as Leon Medical Centers.”

Dr. Ernesto Fonts (Pulmonary Medicine)

Dr. Ernesto Fonts