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Is a complete session of body and mental exercise. Pilates sitting is an exercise for the whole body designed to generate strength while acquiring balance and flexibility.

Stretching and Breathing
This class combines yoga exercises, meditation, stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques, along with musical accompaniment, in order to help the body achieve balance, be healthy and achieve vitality.

This class focuses on improving flexibility, strength, balance, posture, coordination and mental focus.

Latin Dance
Is a dance class that mixes Latin and International music to offer a cardiovascular exercise.

Tai Chi
Is a meditation exercise for the body that incorporates martial arts. The Tai Chi is used deep breathing with a series of movements of continuous structure.

Total Body Fitness
Join us in a class and move to the sound of combined music in a whole body workout. The class was conceived to improve the range of movement, muscle toning and balance using elastic bands, toning and mini ball.